Custom component VS Standard component

I am used to use Tuya custom component:
It’s a little work in the beginning (discovering deviceId…) but it works in LAN.

Now with HA 0.74 I see that tuya module is shipped by default and it requires user/passwd of the cloud.

Can I continue to use the custom module instead of the standard one if I install HA 0.74 ?


A custom component or platform (BTW, what you’re using is a custom platform) will take precedence over the standard one with the same name. As long as it still works, and doesn’t break anything else, you can continue to use it. At least, that’s been my experience.

Great @pnbruckner, thanks!
I can go head with the update, then! :grinning:

You do have a full backup, right? :wink:

Almost every night:
tar cvf HA_Backup.tar /home/homeassistant
is running!
And little prayer, as well!! :innocent: