Custom Component: WaterNSW Real Time Data (Australia)

This one is a bit niche - if you arent from NSW, Australia it won’t really interest you:

This custom component queries the WaterNSW Real Time Data Platform (which is really clunky and a bit of a pain) to get data about the Water Bodies in NSW run by the NSW Government.

Its been a while since I’ve written anything in Python that is more than one or two lines (and the first time I’ve used Python 3) - so this isn’t the worlds best code (and its my first attempt at a custom component), but it works reasonably well

I havent added it to HACS yet - if there is interest in the platform, I’ll make that the next thing on my to-do list


I’ve made the requisite additions to have this added to HACS - so it should appear in the next day or so :slight_smile:

This is pretty cool, but their website doesn’t have the dams that I would monitor. Mostly part of the Sydney water network. I’m looking at the upper Nepean region, so Avon, Cataract, Cordeaux, and Nepean dams. They are not on the realtime data site. :frowning:

Yeah, Sydney’s dams are operated under a different arrangement (they used to be run by the Sydney Catchment Authority, who I believe are now part of WaterNSW)

WaterNSW publish the data for these dams separately -

I did see that, but no easy way to get the data by the looks of it.

Should be now available in HACS

@bacco007 - went to install via HACS but do not see it in there! :frowning: any ideas?

it should still be there - its listed in the hacs default repository

you can also add it as a custom source

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