Custom_component, where is the folder?

Hi, running home assistant on my raspian pi desktop
followed this tut : , with pythin virtual setup

everyting is working great, but niw i want to setup a custom component
this one :

but where to i put the file / folder
i tried eveyrhig , (i think)

i put the .py file in


but when i check config, i always have the error

Configuration invalid
Component not found: google_keep

what am i dointg wrong? where is the custom_componens folder? i the above locations, i always created the custom_components folder manually

If you followed those steps the correct path should be:
that is the same place as you configuration.
You will need to create the dir custom_components if this is your first custom_component.
It also has to have the correct permissions (the user running homeassistant needs access to it)

you need to create the folder in config (which is usually the folder that contains your configuration.yaml)


i dont have a config folder, my yaml files are stored here :

thats is working

so i did create this folder now : and placeed the files there:


but still : component not found error

also gave it all rights 777, excecute …

In that case, there may be something other that is wrong, add an issue to the repo you found it

this was right

but seems i needed a dependecy, “gkeepapi” , so i downloaded that folder, and placed it in my config folder
working now…

I am actually trying to connect the same Google Keep component and I am wondering if you can be a bit more detailed in your response here.
I have my py file here /usr/share/hassio/homeassistant/custom_)components (I’m using a Ubuntu Server to handle HASS)

But still it says unknown component. Can you give more detail on your solution?

Thank you

Go to the directory where your configuration.yaml is.

Create a new directory called custom_components.

Move in to that new directory and create a new file called, copy the contents of the from the link at the top in to it. Save the file.

Restart homeassistant.

If it doesn’t work, I would suspect its the dependency problem above, but I don’t know how you would fix that on hassio.

Correct and I have done all that but the dependency issue is more what I was trying to find out about.
I have everything else lined up but the config check throws:

Error loading custom_components.google_keep. Make sure all dependencies are installed

Yeah, you’re going to struggle with hassio there unfortunately.

i have it working on hassio after a lot of trial and error, also got that : Error loading custom_components.google_keep. Make sure all dependencies are installed

so what i did :

make sure the “” file is located TWICE in directoryes below, dont ask my why, just copy/paste it :slight_smile:

so in your config folder a new diectory

then download the gkeep api

make sure its extracted as THIS FOLDER NAME , also in your config
so you have like example
\config\gkeepapi\ and other files in there

then it shoudl work
but BTW? you dont need that google keep anymore, seems its coming back NATIVE in the verry near future:

Thanks! I usually just use a Note Card in Keep to make a shopping list so I can have others add to it once I share it to them. If there is another way to do this without keep I am up for the suggestions.

no idea, in google assistant, soon you can add not your own notes app, see here the list
but i stick to google keep, but not gonna use this custom component anymore, while it was working verry good though
i hope now with the native solution you can also say own what note you want to add your stuff, not just default one

under /home/homeassistant/ i dont have a folder .homeassistant

Should i create the custom components folder in /home/homeassistant?