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HomeAssistant - Zemismart

Custom component - Zemismart - to add Zemismart devices into Home Assistant

This integration allows full local control of your Zemismart devices along with Zemismart specific features not available in the official Tuya or local tuya integrations.

It also allows you to use the application along with the Home Assistant running, or even multiple Home Assistant instances communicating with the same device. While you are using the application, the control via Home Assistant is not available.

Supported Devices

Zemismart Electric Floor Heating Thermostat
  • Product ID: 3uoeudsge0ooafig
  • Product version: 3.3

If you got this integration working with a different product, please let us know by creating a new issue! We will add that device to discovery process.

If an unsupported device is discovered, warning message is sent into log, please paste this message into a new issue if you got that device working.


Copy contents of custom_components/zemismart/ to custom_components/zemismart/ in your Home Assistant config folder.

Installation using HACS

Coming soon

HACS is a community store for Home Assistant. You can install HACS and then install Zemismart from the HACS store.



Broadcast UDP ports 6666 and 6667 must be open in firewall for the discovery process.

Tuya device’s Key

There are several ways to obtain the localKey depending on your environment and the devices you own. A good place to start getting info is https://github.com/codetheweb/tuyapi/blob/master/docs/SETUP.md .

If you block cloud access

You must block DNS requests too (to the local DNS server eg If you only block outbound internet then the device will sit in zombie state, it will refuse / not respond to any connections with the localkey. Connect the devices first with an active internet connection, grab each device localkey and then implement the block.


Add devices via Integrations (search for Zemismart) in Home Assistant UI.

To add multiple devices, add integration multiple times.


Following built in climate services are supported:

  • climate.set_hvac_mode
  • climate.set_preset_mode
  • climate.set_swing_mode
  • climate.set_temperature
  • climate.turn_off
  • climate.turn_on

This integration additionally creates zemismart.* services to control specific features of the device.


Calibrates current temperature

  • entity_id Required: Entity to calibrate temperature for
  • difference Required: Temperature difference. Value between -9 and 9.

Locks thermostat

  • entity_id Required: Entity to lock

Turns on or off optimal start mode

  • entity_id Required: Entity to set optimal start mode for
  • state Required: Set optimal start mode on or off. Possible values: on, off.

Unlocks thermostat

  • entity_id Required: Entity to unlock

Chooses temperature sensor to use

  • entity_id Required: Entity to choose temperature sensor for
  • sensor Required: Sensor to use. Possible values: internal, external, both

Turns on or off window mode

  • entity_id Required: Entity to set window mode for
  • state Required: Set window mode on or off. Possible values: on, off.

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Please open a new issue, or discuss on Home Assistant: Community Forum.

Thank you

  • local tuya by which this integration has been inspired and uses some parts of it

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Author is in no way affiliated with Zemismart or Tuya.

Author does not guarantee functionality of this integration and is not responsible for any damage.

All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks in this repository, are property of their respective owners.

Anyway that this can work with the Roborock S6 robotic vacuum? I was able to obtain the device ID and token. I heard it uses the Tuya protocol, I don’t know much else than that. Sorry if noob question!

Hey, you can use https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/xiaomi_miio/ which I also use and work flawlessly and locally

Heyy, any idea if this lock would be also possible to integrate since tuya doesn’t officially support any of their locks yet? Thanksss

Hey most likely yes, but I do not own it so its near impossible for me to develop any integration. I recommend looking into local tuya.

Thanks for the fast reply! I have been looking around local tuya for a week now and the only thing i found was this repo thats been developed by the same guy from local tuya, but it only officially supports locks from a tuya co-brand named Airbnk… So although it is most likely possible to integrate the lock I mentioned based on those locks, what chance would u give it that the integration would just work as is with it? with no extra modifications

It will most likely work with limited feature set. For example I can imagine locking and unlocking working as a Switch. You just have to figure out correct dps index to set lock / unlock.
The reason why I have developed this integration is that local tuya does not support every feature of this specific thermostat.

Heyy, just wanted to let you know that I found a very solid workaround, at least for the people that need the basic funcionality. So you just configure the lock with tuya app and then link alexa with the tuya app then just send the commands from HA to alexa to unlock/lock the door. Its kinda junky but its confirmed that it works sooo im hella happy.