Custom components doesnt load in HassOS

Hi guys

I have installed HassOS in VirtualBox on windows 10 (Home Assistant 0.110.1). It works totally fine but I have a problem with custom components - they just don’t loads.

I have tried HACS and sonoff when put them in the config folder to “custom_component” and nothing happens after reboot. No error logs, no integrations which should be for HACS.


What I am doing wrong? Should I turn on something for make HA pickup those custom components? Or it should be some other folder?


Check integrations

Nothing. It is the problem.


How I can check if HomeAssistant see and loads those custom components? Some system logs?

The directory should be called custom_components (you forgot the leading s).

May I know what HASS system are u running? I know in my case somehow HACS never appear on the latest HASS. So since I’m running docker, I just install 0.107.1 and do the HACS on integrations and after it completed. Update my HASS into the latest version.

In some case on RPI 4, HACS did not appear on my HASS running via domain proxy. However it appear to be running without it. IP:8123

Sooooo… I hope you can find your fixed

I just correct folder name and did fool reboot VM (just HA reboot doesnt help).

The system it is HassOS installed in VirtualBox on windows 10.

System: HassOS 3.13 (amd64 / qemux86-64)
Home Assistant Core: 0.110.1
Home Assistant Supervisor: 222

so did you fixed your problem?

Yes. After I change the folder to custom_components and made reboot host system it shart working and I can see HACS in the integration list.

I’m a bit of a noob with HA but installed HaasOS on an RPi4 and am having trouble getting any custom components to show up after adding them to /config/custom_components
Folder permissions on the folders in custom_components are drwxr-xr-x so I’m not sure if that’s an issue. Several of the components I am trying to install are “govee”, “smartir”, “eufy_vacuum” and none show up when I check on integrations > Add integration. Any help for a noob would be greatly appreciated as I’ve googled my hear out to no avail.


Have the same issue, not sure how to resolve?

same issue.

downloaded HASSIO VM for virtual box on win10, cannot seem to install any custom components even if the folder is present…

anyone knows what logs to check ?