Custom components folder not working with docker

Hello community!

I am new to home assistant. Great framework! I would like to develop a custom component and tried to follow the guide: Creating your first integration | Home Assistant Developer Docs

But I can’t get it to work. I created a folder like this <config_dir>/custom_components/hello_state/ and put the inside, with the code from the example. When I restart HA, I cannot find the new integration. When I try to register it in configuration.yaml with “hello_state:” I get the error:
The system cannot restart because the configuration is not valid: Integration error: hello_state - Integration "hello_state" not found.

My setup is a fresh install with docker-compose on a raspberry3B with debian bullseye arm64: Linux - Home Assistant

How can I get the custom_components folder to work in docker?

You have to restart once before changing configuration.yaml, so that HA is aware of your custom component.

Hello @koying I did restart HA.

Now I tried to install some random integration (grocy) and look if it gets recognized in the custom_components folder. And this works! So there is no roblem with the folder, but with the hello_state example. Probably I have to put more code in the or add a manifest.json. I will keep on trying to figure it out…

Mmm… Yes, definitely.
Did you actually create the “scaffold”?

I did not create it with the scaffold. But you were right, the manifest.json is essential. And within the file I had to add the version tag additional to the minimal manifest from: Integration Manifest | Home Assistant Developer Docs