Custom_components folder using Samba & File Editor

I’m using Home Assistant 2021.2.2 on a Raspberry Pi 4B and Windows 10 19041.746

I’m attempting to install HACS which requires the creation of a folder custom_components. I have used Samba to give me access to the homeassistant folders on the Raspberry. My difficulty is that I cannot create a new folder at the appropriate level. I can create a subfolder within the existing folders i.e. add-ons, backup, config et cetera.

I have also tried File Editor which enables me create a folder but only within config and not at the same level as config.

I have tried using a MacBook and got the same result i.e. unable to create a new folder at the same level as config et cetera

Any help would be appreciated.


you have to create the custom_component folder under the folder config

Thank you very much for your prompt response. You have solved my problem. If only I knew yesterday what I know today! Every day is a school day!