Custom_components location in virtual HA


I’m pretty new on this, so maybe it’s a noob question and maybe in the wrong section, but hey, I have got to start somewhere…

The plan is to monitor my energy ussage via the P1 port of the smart energy meter by running HA on my Synology and downloaded the .vmdk via this link: Windows - Home Assistant
After the vm configuration was done I mounted the USB to P1 (serial) converter and powered the vm on.
All seems fine, I can get the values via the ‘DSMR Slimme Meter’ integration.

Next I would like to add an api to my energy supplier to get the hourly energy tarifs, so I need to add an integration in the ‘custom_components’ folder bij uploading or copy pasting it. This is the Github link: GitHub - bajansen/home-assistant-frank_energie: Custom Component voor Home Assistant Frank Energie prijsinformatie
The thing is that I have no idea where this folder is located and how to access it.
Is there someone who can give me a hint?


config/custom_components folder is your target.

It is usually a shared folder inside your virtual machine and you should be able to access it from host machine, as it is mounted into VM.

Edit: my bad, apparently config folder is not accessible from outside, you can use samba share add-on and enable sharing of your VM folders

On the other hand, you can try HACS custom integration store, that would allow to install any custom repository without playing with file system manually.

Thanks, maybe doing it via HACS is the faster way, It seemed like a unsecure way to do it.
It’s not as easy with the .vmdk running on my Synology, there is no shared folder, putty won’t work and terminal looks like Redhat 2.3 or something like it.