Custom components manual installation

I am running HA:
Core 2024.1.1
Supervisor 2024.03.1
Operating System 12.1
Frontend 20240404.1

Trying to install a custom component, the github says:

Using the Terminal SSH I can’t find any config directory. I can find a configs directory (note the “s” at the end) but, inside of it, there is no custom_components subdirectory.

My question is: in the current HA version, where should I load a custom component?



any reason you can’t use hacs to install?

Not at all, I could install HACS.

However, I would like to understand how I do it manually as I am constantly updating my HA to the latest version. If it fails to load some component I want to be able to fix it, what would be impossible without understanding how they are installed.

then I’d recommend you do hacs then look at where the files got installed.

And… I did install HACS. It didn’t work, maybe because HA is the most recent one. However, I could see that the custom_components is created at config.