Custom components throwing error with Google assistant integration


I am reaching to you for a custom components that I try to improve and make it to work with my use case.

The custom components has been created by @djbulsink, so all the credit goes to him/her.
It is used to control HVAC from panasonic, using their panasonic comfort cloud application.
Basically it uses their API to control specific HVAC, as their mobile applciation does.
It works fine, small bugs are still being resolved.

But the main issue for me comes when control the unit with Google Assistant. If I turn it on, off, or change the operation mode, the google assiatnt throw an error, telling my that something went wrong (It says"An unknown error as occured on AC").

I don’t quite understand what can cause this error. If anyone can point me into the right direction, it would be great

Thank you.

Link to the custom component :

Hi @shyne99,

I guess the problem will be fix in this merge request: . The STATE_OFF for climate was not correctly imported in the google_assistant component.

This merge request will be in the next version of homeassistant. This change will break the panasonic custom component however.

Thank you for your response,

I did not come across this in my reserch, thank you for pointing this out to me.

I took an other direction to fix my issue, i thought that ha hunged too much before responding, throwing a sort of timeout to the google assistant. So I implemented, a bit “hackily” a way of calling all the function in async, which fixed my issue.

I’ll try to propose the PR, but again it is hacky as f, so I’ll let you see if you accept or decline, or even if it inspire you to implement it in a better way

I am noob in python, and even more lost with all the home assistant dependencies and way of coding.

But again, thank you for taking time to check my problem.