Custom Cortana Commands with Home-assistant

I’m sharing a Microsoft Windows UWP app that register custom voice commands for Cortana


Updated Windows App for Cortana and Home assistant, with Template10 UI

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Hey, thanks for sharing this! I’m still working on building out my automations and overall config structure, so I won’t be able to test this on my Win 10 tablet for a little bit. That said, do you need to keep the program running for Cortana to recognize the commands, or does the software “bootstrap” the commands and then they’re there until changed or removed? Thanks again.

The app bootstrap HASS, there is a refresh button

Is this something that needs to be download and then compiled? I read the explanation on the link, but am COMPLETELY new to this kind of thing, so I have no idea what it’s talking about

Yes and No, you can download the installer also provided on my github page

Im sorry. I’m new too. Where do I find the installer?

Check this page

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Dear master jedi,

Did the link work for you?

I managed to install this but am getting uri errors for both and

The Homeassistant API changed, I just recompile my code and it should work now properly
Try the latest installer in my GitHub page

Thank you, looks great when running without a password, is there any way to get it to work on a site with the api password set? I get a security error using https://username:[email protected]:8123/ as the web address

I will need to add the credentials to the UI and pass it, I will work on my next opportunity.
Are you running the app on a windows phone?
Glad you like it

I’m using Windows 10 on a PC, thanks for looking at this for me

Try testing this one, I added new domain/friendly name filter. Cortana only support up to 99 commands.
Also, added the username and password
Note the password is store in plain test, I need to add extra code to hide the password

I couldn’t connect, but that may be because I don’t know the username to use, I managed to get round it by allowing my ip as a trusted network. I’ll try it out property soon, looks great so far.

I got error with the certificate.