Custom Dashboard Hidden From View

Hi newbie here!

After some searching, I’ve not found anyone who has had my issue. I made a custom dashboard to dump some energy entities. It was working fine until some time last week when the dashboard ‘disappeared’.

It can be found if it is accessed through the edit dashboard button from the home page but goes into a glitched state. Once the custom dashboard is selected, I can’t back out of it until the app is closed and reopened.

You didn’t accidentally make it a sub-view, did you? Or maybe made it not visible to yourself?

That’s exactly what I did! I found the subview toggle in the on position after clicking the edit button on the dashboard in question.
I didn’t know that was a feature, how is it expected to be used ordinarily?

It let’s you have additional dashboards without cluttering the top panel; I use it for a handful of dashboards myself where for instance a long-press on something brings it up.

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