Custom dashboard layout?

Hi, how can I create a dashboard layout like this? I want a large card in the middle, and the rest of the cards are standard around the large card.

Thanks, its rough drawing but you get the idea :wink:


Hi you will need custom layout card from HACS for this layout , will be the easiest way. Maybe with a lot of horizon and vertical cards too but with custom layout card is more easy and controlable.

Thanks, I saw this,

Im just having some troubling figuring out how to set it up for this layout style.

There are different approaches to accomplish this but this could be one.

grid-template-columns: 25% 25% 25% 25%
grid-template-rows: auto

grid-template-areas: |
     “cell1 cell2 cell3 cell4”
     “cell5 content content cell6”
     “cell7 content content cell8”
     “cell9 cell10 cell11 cell12”

And then in every card:


Hmmm thanks,

This is the best I could come up with.

It’s possible, but the dashboard cards have a huge influence on the layout. If you could share the card types, I may be able to assist.

I mocked up a rough version up with custom button-cards as an example.

Thanks, this looks good. It will be mainly made up of Apex Charts cards, and there will be a embedded webpage in the middle with,

Its for a weather dashboard,