Custom date range for Energy report

Hey! This’ll be very helpful!
If we can make this happen!

Is there any poll for this feature?
It is one of the most necessary feature for energy statisics.

My billing cycle is the 20th of the month.

+1 - but also adding the ability for custom time too … for instance being able to see what your consumption is between different times in the day for example - so you would be able to see in an evening for example what your energy consumption is versus the day, etc.

Another +1
Need the ability to match the provider’s billing period dates to compare readings with what we are being charged. Currently have to add each day’s usage by hand.

+1 I need this so badly.

I just tried to compare my actual energy bill against the monthly range. Since my billing starts on the 5th of each month, I then went into the daily kWh usage and subtracted/added 5 days off the end manually and it lines up perfectly. I should not have to do this manually, however.

I need exactly this feature, pleaseeeee!

Need this as well! :pray:

This features is a must to make the enegy dashboard useful.It is also important to have the possibility to compare selected days or months and not just the current ones with the previous ones. For example, it is very important to compare the consumption of December of this year with the December of another year.
I think that also creating a boxplot with statistics for each month (ie axis with 12 point like this one) could be much more useful.

+1. This is a very important feature

+1 It’s not so much my monthly cycle, but the annual one. My “year” is from september to september for example, so the company just has an ongoing turnover for all its customers instead of ultrahigh pressure moments between say december 15th and january 7th.