Custom Device from Entities

I have a bunch of entities as IR commands using ESPHome. Several of these commands relate to specific devices, e.g. various controls for controlling Air Conditioner, or Home Cinema equipment.

Is it possible to actually group those related command entities into a device that is typed as Air Conditioner / climate, or related type.

Also some of these “dumb” devices being controlled by IR are plugged into tuya power monitoring plugs, which helps detect some states for the device that is plugged in.

So would like to also potentially adding some of the entities from Tuya plug or other custom sensor as part of this custom Device.

The sample principle applies to using mqtt controlled devices. How would you group various mqtt topic controls into a types device?

Sorry only integrations can gather their own entities in a device in general.
There are a generic thermostat device available, but it is very strict with what you can incorporate under it.

Hi thanks for the suggestion. I’ll also look at template fan to see if that works as expected.