“Custom Element Doesn’t Exist” has squashed my celebrations over finally getting HA

Hi All,

After some struggles to get HA installed, and some damn fine advice from users, I got Hassbian and then HA running on my Pi Zero W!!

Queue tears, no no words and frustration when I get the above error. Has anyone seen this before and worked out how to resolve it? I’m assuming this is why none of the things I’ve installed are showing up and the install is stuffed.

I’m hesitant to reflash the SD as it took a good 9 hours over a few weeks to be able to actually load home assistant!

Thanks in advance everyone

I wouldn’t do that either. This looks like a ‘simple’ Lovelace configuration error. But the reason I’m the first to respond in what looks like 4 hours is probably because you need to give some more details about your config.

But remember to NOT show any personal details.

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First of all, this is a minor error and you won’t have to re-install Home Assistant.

If your configuration file contains this:

  mode: yaml

and your configuration folder contains this file


then the Lovelace user-interface (UI) is working in so-called “YAML mode”. It will use the contents of that file to generate the UI. In other words, it won’t generate the UI automatically (using what it finds in your configuration) but will follow the instructions found in the file.

The error message is telling you that Home Assistant was instructed to use a Lovelace card called custom: hui-empty-state-card but it cannot find this card in order to render it.

I noticed your Home Assistant has 3 notifications (see the 3 in the upper right hand corner of its UI). Inspect the notifications because they may contain more information about what has gone wrong.

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