Custom element doesn't exist, but loads a few seconds later

I have a problem where, when I reload my Lovelace dashboard, it first says that the custom elements doesn’t exist. However, after a few seconds, it load successfully. Has anyone experienced this, and knows how to fix it?. It is not that big of a problem, I just find it annoying.

It’s due to lazy loading. Resources are not loaded until needed. It speeds up the loading of the webpage at the expense of the effect you are seeing.

There are a couple of ways to minimise this. If you use card mod it loads all resources. Or there are these two solutions:

I use card mod and the hui element card and still see ugly red boxes briefly though so none of the solutions work particularly well.

Thank you, it seems to help a little.

Hi, I know this is an old post but I have the same problem and I gave up about a year ago because I can never find an answer on here.

Only difference with me some of my cards. Always the same ones that have the problem. They don’t exist but all I have to do is pull down on my phone to refresh and they come right up. Same thing in a browser both PC and Mac.

I am so desperate to find a fix on this it’s been so long. Any idea now that we are in 2024?

Same as the post marked as the answer above.

Ok I’ll check it out thank you


I’ve tried the HUI-Elements method, and as you can see in the screen shot it still does not help. There are a couple cards that do this, and a couple others that use Card Mod… THe majority of my cards(with and wihtout card mod work fine)

Any other ideas. I’m closing in on 2 years with this problem. Figured I’d ask the forums one last time
PLEASE NOTE - all I have to do is swipe down once on my iphone and it fixes this every time. But it happens in all browsers, not just iphone

Try the card pre-loader.