Custom element doesn't exist - dwains dashboard

This happens sometime with dwains dashboard. If I reload my browser (no changes in any yaml file) everything is ok.


I have the same issue. Thanks for the tip on reloading my browser!


ok - any ideas?

I have this issue ONLY on mobile. (Pixel 6 Pro).
Never shows dashboard.


Same problem on Mobile. Did you find a solution?

sorry, no i did not.
I also found dwains dashboard extremely slower than standard dashboard and have since uninstalled it.

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If you’re using the Home Assistant app, you can clear the cache by long-pressing on the HA app icon β†’ App Info β†’ Storage & Cache β†’ Clear Cache. No need to clear storage (that will effectively reset your HA app).

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I have this problem shown on my laptop screen. Any ideas what to do?
I refreshed my browser