Custom element doesn't exist: hui-grid-card

Recently a following error appears in my Lovelace:

Custom element doesn’t exist: hui-grid-card

…following by the the yaml code of the selected view

I narrowed down the trigger which causes appearing the error to refreshing the cache (ie CTRL+F5). After that, next press of F5 fixes the UI. If I press CTRL+F5 again, error reappear.
It appears in mobile device as well as on PC (Chrome).

Have you any idea what might be responsible for this?

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I do have a similar error with a random “custom element doesn’t exist: hui-horizontal-stack-card” on several cards. Entering in edit mode and do a fake change on one of the faulty card will solve the issue temporary. I’m not sure exactly when this started but it was recently (last 2 months or so). I had it running perfectly well for over a year. I’m not sure what to look for.