Custom element doesn't exist: mini-graph-card with HACS

I added mini-graph-card via HACS, and I see it is installed, but when I use it I get mini-graph-card doesn’t exist.

I tried clearing cache, tried with incognito, tried on phone, nothing helped.

  - type: horizontal-stack
      - type: 'custom:button-card'
        template: card_graph
        entity: sensor.tamas_s_echo_plus_temperature
          ulm_card_graph_color: "var(--google-blue)"
          ulm_card_graph_name: Előszoba Hőmérséklet
          ulm_card_graph_entity: sensor.tamas_s_echo_plus_temperature
          ulm_card_graph_type: fill
          ulm_card_graph_hours: 24
          ulm_card_graph_group_by: interval
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in case anyone is in the same boat: i missed the resource in Settings>Dashboard > top right hamburger menu.
HACS didn’t install that for some reason, so what I did is I uninstalled the card, and simply reinstalled it

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