Custom element doesn't exist: mushroom

Hi all, i have some probleme with the custom card.

When my device (iphone) is in local connexion, everything is fine.

When i try external connection, this message appear:

If its native element its ok.

I read some topic to know but i dont know by why i can start to search.

Someone can help me?


Try flushing the browser cache, and or app cache.

Nothing happen its the same :neutral_face:

Everything is good.
I clear several time the cash and restart HA.

Thx for the help

This happens on my phone too. There’s no easy way to clear that cache right?

I had made Lovelace use the YAML config at some point because of an iOS theme (which still never worked). Either way, that was the problem. Removing those lines from configuration.yaml and restarted Home Assistant fixed the issue.