Custom element doesn't exist: vertical-stack-in-card

Hi All, following the manual method of adding cards via the Resources section in HA, but no matter what I do, these last two cards will just not take. Restarted, cleared cache, check url, not sure what is left to do. I’m running the latest HA docker version and have other resources added manually, and in my www folder, which work fine.


What does the first line of your vertical-stack-in-card.js file look like?

found the error “/local/layout-card.js:7:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’”

having the same issue with Layout Card.

That’s what I thought. You need to copy the “raw” version of that file, and not just wget the web page. It’s explained here.

redid via that method. Same result. I having the same exact issue with another plugin from the same developer…wonder if need a version number in the resource or something…?

That’s a good start. That’s why HACS creates an uncached endpoint. You can also hit F12 to open the dev tools, right-click on the reload button, and select “Empty cache and hard reload”. In Chrome, at least.

ok yes so it’s something specific with this dev…just added a stack-in-card from different dev with no issue.

same here did manually install this card, it just does not get found after adding.

Same issue as the above… I’ve added the card manually as per the instructions. I’ve verified that the raw code is in the www folder, I’ve refreshed, held my tongue at a specific angle, balanced on one foot, and it always comes back with the custom element doesn’t exist.