Custom ELV MAX component - Managing weekly program / home command

Hello, i’m trying with the old-but-gold method of copying and pasting to fix some bugs/implement some functions in the ELV Max Integration ( eQ-3 MAX! - Home Assistant )
I’ve added some sensors, fixed some bugs, this sort of things, but i’d be glad also to add something “bigger”, but for this i need an hand.

  1. it would be nice to add also a “home” control, to set all thermostat to the same mode/temperature. The system support this (it’s enough to send a command to the cube itself), so i was thinking about creating a climate object on the cube itself, but i’m stuck at thinking how this should look, since this would have no return information at all. How would you design this?
  1. Is there a common way in Home Assistant to manage weekly climate programs? I mean both for displaying and for changing. Yes, i’d like to add also this :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

PS: obviously if someone is still a MAX user, i’d be glad to share code and testing/development! i understand this is not the correct season to test heating, but that’s it :smiley: