Custom entity name+aliases for Google Assistant integration via Nabu Casa Cloud

I am using Google Assistant integration via Nabu Casa Cloud connedtion. So configuartion can only be done via GUI and not config.yaml. In the supervisor GUI theres only the possibility to enable/disable domains for the sync/epsoing towards google. What I am currently mssing is the possibility to define:

  1. Custom entity name used for the exposing towards Google Assistant
  2. Multiple aliases for entity name exposed to google and to be used for the speech input recognition

Would be helpful to add this in order to fine tune the entity names for easy speech recognition at google server side. E.g. english named entities in Home Assistant versus german named entities in Google Assistant.


I just made the switch from yaml based config to UI config for Google assistant, and this was a big “oh no” for me. I agree with Lori, please add this.

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This is the reason why I don’t use gui. If you have several dozen devices shared, you never remember the exact name, so please add aliases.