Custom firmware for cheap E27 360-pano camera bulbs

Hi folks,

New to this, but quite excited by the possibilities.

I live in the NZ - pretty much on of the most remote part of the world in terms of online shipping, so I must choose wisely.

I’m pretty interested in the E27(ref to socket?) 360/panoramic WiFi camera light-bulbs, as solves several problems for me, but as with all devices I allow on site, I want to get in under the hood, preferably load firmware I am able to inspect.

At the very least I’d like to break their ability to ‘dial home’, so that I have complete control over my environment, and able to control their functions via HASSio.

I’ve come across the ESPhome & Tasmota projects; essentially OpenWRT for IoT, which is great.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience with loading custom firmware on such device?
Some examples could include:

  • banggood ESCAM-QP136-960P-WIFI-IP-Security-Camera-360-Degree-Panoramic-H264-Infrared-Indoor-Motion-Detection-p-1213117.html
  • banggood E27-360-Panoramic-1080P-IR-Hidden-Camera-Light-Bulb-Wifi-Fish-Eye-CCTV-Security-Camera-p-1194472.html
  • banggood 1080P-Wifi-Bulb-Remote-Cam-Wireless-IP-Camera-Infrared-360-degree-Bulb-Panoramic-Camera-p-1524965.html
  • banggood Hiseeu-960P-1_3MP-Bulb-Light-Wireless-IP-Camera-Panoramic-VR-CCTV-Home-Security-WiFi-Camera-p-1420361.html
  • aliexpress item/33015435197.html

They all essentially to be similar/identical devices.
Build-quality looks to be meh, but if I get them cheap enough, I won’t feel too terrible if I brick one or 2.

Greetings fellow kiwi.

To use tasmota or esphome the device has to have an esp8266 or esp32 inside.

Also I don’t believe either esphome or tasmota have any camera component except for the fairly specific esp32 camera setup for esphome

Nick (ChCh and frequent China buyer, but patience is needed).

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