Custom Google Home Phrases

One of the “cool” things i used to do with IFTTT, back when it was still free, is setup a bunch of custom phrases to use with my google home. Most of the time i used webhooks to trigger something in HA.

Once IFTTT went to its paid model, I ditched them all.

I know there are a heap of modules for NodeRed and google assistant, but most of them seem to be about device control, or simulating a device to trigger a flow.

Is there any way to trigger a flow based on custom phrases, or a call and response ?

It might be best illustrated with an example. One of my use cases is around presence

“Hey google, where is $?”

use $? to lookup the person state, return that response back to the google speaker as a response.
“$? is at home/work/away/some other place”

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