Custom Header manual uninstall

I am kind of late in removing custom_header and it is not on HACS anymore to uninstall. Is there a discussion/guide somewhere in the forum that details how to manually remove it? Would prefer an idiot proof guide, if any. :joy:

Delete the folder from config / custom components.

Delete any Lovelace config (raw edit).

Delete the resource from the UI, configuration / dashboards / resources.


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Woops! So I’ve had this in my HA instance without realising it was depreciated.

I have reversed the installation steps here i.e
Deleted custom-header.js from the www folder
removed it from the resources tab in configuration - lovelace dashboards

It still looks like it is there (below). I can’t see any folder within config/custom components
Screenshot from 2021-11-18 22-01-09

Cleared your browser cache?