Custom history graph scales (logarithmic, fixed intervals...)


Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, if not, please someone move it to somewhere more appropriate on the forums. Thank you.

I would be very interested in custom graph scales, especially a logarithmic y-axis.

My (first) use case would be my smart meter reading (household power consumption): Typically it is in the range between 0 to 500W or maybe up to 1.000W. However it sometimes spikes when greedy appliances are used, e.g. electric stove, electric water boilers and so on. Now with a peak value at say 10.000W, the history graph becomes pretty useless for the everything else that happens during 90% or more of the time, that is way below 1.000. It is just not distinguishable any more. This should be easily solved using a log y-scale, if only a log scale were available…

On the forums I found 2 questions in very similar directions:

I believe there are a lot more use cases like these where custom graph scales would be handy.
Soo… Is this possible at all in history graphs? I know about all the possibilities of displaying database data, Jupyter Notebooks and so on, and of course I can use log scales there, but an integration into the beautiful native Home Assistant interface would be great.

Sounds like a great Idea!

I am taking the risk of bumping up an old Feature Request as it seems it may still be needed.

Logarithmic scaling would help tremendously with visualizing sensors for lux (illuminance), where in a day values can vary broadly, yet small differences at the lower end of the scale remain very important.

Anyone have any news or new ideas on this?

Thanks for bumping this up. I neither have a solution yet and am also still very much interested in this!