Custom Input Number Error - Unable to find referenced entities input_number - Pyloxone

Hello Everybody,

I have written a component to integrate the Loxone home automation. Everything has worked great so far. But now I have a problem that I can’t solve myself and I need help.

I have tried to create an Input Number component in my integration. When I load the component it works together with the Loxone home automation but the other input numbers created in the yaml file don’t work anymore. I always get an error message:

2020-09-02 20:39:24 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.helpers.service] Unable to find referenced entities input_number.alarm_clock_minute

The source code of the whole integration can be found at:

And here is the source code with the Input Number component:

So the question is how to create an own Input Number component without affecting the other Input Number components created by Home Assistant.