Custom input_selects and binary_sensors don't show in Node Red entity list

Hi all,

Anyone encountered something like this before? Basically, got some binary sensors (MQTT) and input selects defined in configuration.yaml which show up perfectly fine in Lovelace.

However, switching over to Node Red, those custom entities don’t show up in the list of available binary sensors and/or input selects for the EntityID property on, for example, the current state/event fired nodes.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but I also have a similar issue with the Call Service node; there, I am unable to see in the Domain/Service the media player functionality, but I can call them using the Developer ‘services’ node.

I’m sure I’m probably doing something wrong, but it’s unclear to me right now why those entities show in Lovelace, but don’t show in Node Red.

Thanks for any pointers