Custom integration - coffee machine

Hi all,

I’m wanting to do a custom integration in to my coffee machine. Will likely contribute it back if I can get it working well - but it’s a fairly rare machine so not sure how many people will be in to it (Rocket R60V).

I can read a couple of temperature sensors from it, and I can set it on/off, and set a mode (profile A/B/C).

I’m not sure how to go about doing this - If I’m reading it right, I can only integrate things through the existing entity types, which I’m finding to be restrictive… I’m not sure if I’m missing something, though. It seems like for temperature and on/off I have to use a couple of temperature entities, and a switch entity. That seems easy enough. How can I go about integrating with the mode? What about mode feedback (i.e. if it is changed on the machine directly)?

The actual talking to the coffee machine is pretty easy - I have this code in python already.

@nward did you ever get anything working? I just got a R60V and plan to start tinkering.