Custom Integration: EyeOnWater

Starting a new thread for a brand new integration I’m working on called EyeOnWater. It is a smart water meter being used by utility companies across the US and CA.


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Looking for someone with 2 meters in their account for beta testing…

I have on meter, not sure if this would be helpful with the testing.

Only one meter here as well, but I just installed. Glad to see this integration as a “free” option for those with city provided smart meters instead of purchasing a water monitoring device. Thanks for working on this project.

It’s running now, but I noticed the data from the HA dashboard does not match the readings on the EyeOnWater app. The HA Energy graphs showed missing hours, but I’m assuming this is normal since the Github page points out the “…meter reading once in several hours”. I would expect it’ll eventually get the corrected data, but this doesn’t appear so. Is anyone else seeing this?

Awesome, thanks! Going to give this a spin, my water company just moved over to this system.

I have two meters, one for irrigation the other household services. Gladly help anyway I can. Trying to learn how to better use your integration

That’s amazing, I’m about to merge a change later today. Afterwards, I’d be interested to know if the integration automatically creates 2 separate devices, each with a meter sensor, temperature sensor, and a bunch of binary sensors.

I have two meters.

Meter A measures all water (drinking + irrigation).

Meter B is plumbed in after A and measures how much water goes towards irrigation.

I pay for water usage on meter A. I pay for sewer usage on A subtract B.

Curious if this would be possible to set up on HA.

I am using your integration.
Multi fam home, single water meter.

Good Evening, I am sorry I did not see your reply on two meters. Yes integration creates two meters just fine.

Working with this integration I’d like to understand how you track the costs.

With other utilities integrations I need to create the meter helper manually and can specify the various tariffs. Your integration results in the various tariffs in the form of sensors (under-100, over 100/120/140, etc) but as each is based on the consumption budget how do you calculate when I exceed 100% of my budget? Or do you just assume all of us have the same budget (in my case it’s 10,000 winter and 19,000 summer irrigation)? I would expect a select.selector entity to be pointing to the correct tariff sensor which is controlled by an automation that triggers on the water consumption against the budget.


New to HA. Is this working yet? Our city just switched to a system that uses this app. Thanks!