Custom integration for Jackery portable power station batteries

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Ok this is a very very long shot … I have a Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus portable ‘power station’, and a Jackery Battery Pack 1000 Plus, which allows me to run devices off-grid when on holiday / away from the mains.

However, I also use it to run my home office using off-peak energy during the day, and it then charges up overnight during the off-peak hours.

I currently have a card in my HA dashboard that allows me to set the start and end time for charging the two batteries, which controls the on and off times for a Shelly Smart Plug (the AC input to the batteries is plugged into this). I’ve also got a readout of the charging power, and a switch so I can manually start the batteries charging should I wish. See the attached screenshot.

It would be neat if I could see the charge status of the two batteries on HA as well, but I haven’t been able to find any HA integrations for the Jackery products. The only way to view the current charge status of both batteries is to either a) press the power button on the front of each battery and look at the status displays, or b) look at the Jackery app on your phone (when connected to the same WiFi network as the batteries) which pulls data from the batteries and displays it on the phone screen.

So my question is … can one run the Jackery app on a smartphone emulator on a Raspberry Pi (I have a HA Yellow that’s running my HA system), and somehow extract the battery status information from that app? (!)

It’s a very trivial nice-to-have, but with all the things that are possible these days it may well be a piece of cake for all I know!

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Does Jackery have an API? MIght be easier to go that route

For you and anyone else that’s a Jackery Customer, I would suggest asking the mfgr to look into the works with home assistant program to see if their API would be compatible with HA.
Introducing the Works with Home Assistant program - Home Assistant.
The more of their customers that request this, the more likely it would happen…

Thanks for your replies @KruseLuds, @Sir_Goodenough! :blush:

I don’t believe Jackery has an API, most likely because these devices are intended for use away from the home / out in the wilderness, where such integrations would probably be unnecessary.

That said, they do advertise the battery as having UPS capability, even though it can’t switch from AC to battery as seamlessly as a dedicated UPS (it works fine in practice, for my setup at least), so in that use case it may often be permanently based in a home / office.

I will contact them and share the link you provided SG :+1:t3:

Many thanks!


PS. I’ve changed the thread title to make it a bit more specific to my application :blush:

Probably means an API…