Custom integration of schedule

Is it possible to create custom integration of schedule entity? I’m aware that I can enhance calendar entity but for my purpose it would be more consistent to use schedule but in the entities I don’t see such possibility:

Is this what you are looking for? Schedule - Home Assistant

That’s the one I want to enhance. I want it to be built dynamically based on internet data, so I would like to develop custom integration that would provide schedule to ha.

Ok, yes, you can do that.
Option 1:

When you add the Schedule integration after this, it will use the files of the local customs_component.

If you want to be sure, you can change the name and domain a little in the file manifest.json.

After this you can make changes to the local schedule code to your liking.

Option 2: do you know HACS
On HACS I see existing schedule custom_components, do they meet your requirements?

Will try that soon. Thanks.