Custom Integration: Volkswagen WeConnect ID (Europe)

Awesome integration - using it with an ID.7 without issues. Or, well, there’s the same issue as when using the official app: When the car has two users whoever drove the car last is the one who has access to it from the app/their ID account.

So when my partner was the last one to use the car the integration (authenticating with my id) can’t get any data (due to GDPR/privacy). I’ve been thinking to maybe add both our id:s to the integration and detect when it’s time to switch from the responses - but maybe this has been discussed already?

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I wish that would be the case! I have the same situation with my ID5 and my wife drives it more than I. There are some data points that show up regardless of who drives, but the important ones like range and time to complete charge, climatization etc don’t show.

This appears to be a problem with the way VW has implemented privacy (possibly for regulatory reasons, I know that even within the EU Germany is particularly strict on privacy).

I ‘solved’ it by only using one profile in the car, but thats kind of annoying (and probably a real pain if you have electrically operated seats with positions linked to each profile, which we don’t).

Yes that is an issue but as the owner, regardless of privacy, certain metrics related charge and vehicle statistics should be made available. Personalised info should not.

It looks as if I only get the following warning when the ID account used by the integration is not the one logged into the vehicle. That could be used to trigger a switch to another configured profile.

[weconnect] /vehicles/*/domains/chargingProfiles/chargingProfilesStatus: Unknown attribute vehiclePositionedInProfileID with value 1

Seems slightly shaky as a general rule though, it would be better if there was something specific returned that clearly indicated this being the case. I’m sure there is since the app states that the current information shown is limited due to privacy reasons.

I receive a “too many requests” error. Is there any way to rate-limit the integration? It has become unusable because of this.

raise TooManyRequestsError('Could not fetch data due to too many requests from your account. '
weconnect.errors.TooManyRequestsError: Could not fetch data due to too many requests from your account. Status Code was: 429

Hi, I have two cars/devices registered under this integration but one got sold. Did someone knows a procedure to delete one of the devices -if you have multiple under this integration- for good? Many thanks!


I think you have to log into your VW account on the web and remove the car there.

Many thanks. I did remove it there already. My challenge is rather that it is still listed as one device under the HA integration and I fail to get it removed there.