Custom ITX PC for home server and HA

I’m thinking about building a custom PC (because why not, it’s fun?) and also try to get a better understanding of servers.

Currently running HA on a Pi and want to move it onto something stable.

The idea of having PC is more attractive considering how customise-able it is.

The main integrations I have at the moment are Zigbee2mqtt and Xiaomi’s bluetooth connect temperature and humidity sensors - which make me a bit sceptical about everything transitioning over well. Also I have Yi hacked cameras but they only stream via IP at the moment…

So, I’d like to also use the PC for file storage, primarily storing camera footage rather than relying on 16/32gb sd cards on the cameras.

Has anyone already built a custom server for a similar purpose? What route did you go Intel/AMD?
Or does anyone have any suggestions?
And which OS?

TL;DR: Want to build a custom ITX PC for home server and HA. Any suggestions for parts? Probably will go Linux route for OS because light weight and can learn about it all

Did this a while back. I went for a mini-ITX B450 with a Ryzen 3200G and 32GB of ram. I run proxmox with HA, freenas, pihole and openVPN. Works great!

I assume you never went with any dedicated graphics?

No real need for a server. The integrated graphics are fine, and actually it runs headless most of the time.