Custom labels on entities

I’d like to be able to add custom labels to entities that I can then use in automations to have a kind of dynamic set of entities. Something similar to labelling kubernetes resources for example.

For example I’d like to tag any entry/exit alarm sensor with a label and any other non entry alarm sensor with another label, then I’d like to create an automation to trigger the alarm based on any of the sensors with those labels. If I add a new sensor I don’t touch my automations, I just label the sensor accordingly.

Then the room/area a sensor is in could even be treated as some default label that everything has.

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Would a group work for you?

Thanks, I’ve voted now.

Groups may work for the specific example I gave but I think a generic labelling mechanism that is queryable from the api would be far more flexible and open up other capabilities. I will add more examples as I think of them

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