Hey, stuck on trying to nestle a few entities in a custom card layout.

If I do the below all is well & dandy :slight_smile:

  - entities:
      - light.strip
      - light.master
      - light.sewing
      - light.outside
    show_header_toggle: false
    type: entities
  - entities:
      - switch.monitor
    show_header_toggle: false
    type: entities
layout: vertical
type: 'custom:layout-card'

I now want to add the two below items & cannot figure out what setting I should use!

  - entity: weather.dark_sky
    type: 'custom:weather-card'
    number_of_forecasts: '5'
  - color: red
    entity: calendar.xxxxxxx
    eventBarColor: blue
    progressBarColor: blue
    showColors: true
    showProgressBar: true
    untilText: Until
title: Calendar
type: 'custom:atomic-calendar'

Tried adding all four though the calendar always messes up - Any help would be appreciated.