Custom Lovelace Card - Homekit style card

Thank you!
Good point about the text size i made it a bit smaller on the mobile view :+1:

@CM000n the sensors that are shown ON when you go to developer tools in home assistant in the second column the state of the device is shown. What value’s are shown there for the examples you gave? Maybe i can add options to give extra states on which it should show like it is off :thinking:

For sonos i wanna make some extra functionality i have them to so you can also see which are grouped but that takes some time to build :slight_smile:

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for the binary sensors it looks like this:

and for the template sensors like this:

Apart from the icon and the friendly name, there are no further attributes in both cases

Hi @DBuit this custom card looks awesome!
I have been looking for something like this for a dashboard - I recently got a nest home hub so looking to use the cast functionality to show a dashboard there.
I didnt try it yet, but do you know if your custom card is compatible with casting?

@hijinx i don’t know what the requirements are for casting a dashboard. on this page: you got the documentation and it looks like you can just cast the home assistant ui so i think it should work.

If something is not working let me know maybe i can do something about it.

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There is a note at the end of the official Homeassisistant Cast info page under Home Assistant Cast - FAQ

Home Assistant needs to be configured to allow Home Assistant Cast to load custom cards. Starting with Home Assistant 0.97, this is done automatically. If you are on an older version, or have manually configured CORS for the HTTP integration, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

Some custom cards rely on things that are only available in the normal Home Assistant interface. This requires an update by the custom card developer.

If you’re a custom card developer: the most common mistake is that LitElement is extracted from an element that is not available on the page.

When I come home today I can test if the casting already works.

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That is strange i expected that the state that show on/off should work but i will check.
Fertig is really custom so i could make the option to set extra off states for the specific entity or something.

The washing machine can also have the status “off”. In this case “Fertig” only means that the washing machine has finished the washing process but is still switched on. So it would be ok for me, if it is shown in the UI as if it is “on”.

But in principle a very good idea with the configuration option for additional “off” states. :wink:

@CM000n i fixed the sensor issue my mistake.

I also added the offStates config option for entities so you can use it for media_players you can see it here:

You are faster than light :smiley:

Hi @hijinx,

Hello, I just tested it. Casting doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.


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Maybe i can fix it. card tools are loaded external now and that can be a problem.
But i can fix that :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking, Simon

Hi Daan,
love this card very much, gonna rebuild my whole config with it.
Just confirming, is there no default tap action defined to the card?
Meaning, tapping it without specifying a pop-up has no action?

Solved… Feeling embarrassed… Refresh of the browser helps.

Might I suggest “last_changed” to be shown?

Hey man cool to hear you are using it :slight_smile:
Yeah it just uses the default.

You want last changed for sensors?

That would be great!!

Do you know of a way to use the button to navigate to a different view?

So you are looking for a custom tap action or something?
No option for it right now but good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish I could help out. Any other way I could assist?
Sofar my good ideas are:

  • show last_changed, would be great
  • custom tap action, nice to have
  • support for input_boolean entity, would be great
    Where did you get the nice background?

Just keep the ideas coming :slight_smile:

input_boolean you want tap to toggle i think?

This is the background dont know where i found it anymore

Hi @DBuit , I just wanted to point out that the problem with the truncated state text is currently still not completely fixed:

I don’t know if it is possible for all languages to ensure that the text is not cut off? Whereby the text for “Not available” in Dutch with “Niet beschikbaar” is certainly one of the longest :wink:

Maybe it would be possible to have the text automatically scale with the size of the displayed tiles? Regardless of whether it is mobile or desktop or anything else. That way you could at least make sure that if you can read the text on a desktop or tablet, it will be readable on a mobile device too.

Best regards