Custom Panel in React, with Hot Reloading and Webpack?

I’m developing a Custom Panel in Home Assistant using React and Webpack.
Unfortunately in development mode, Webpack doesn’t use code splitting, and as such, the bundle sizes are unoptimised, unminified and pretty big due to including all the hot reloading webpack stuff into the bundle

Unfortunately, this can take up to a couple of minutes for HA to load the module in etc. Whilst this isn’t an issue for the initial load, because of the way these integrations work, hot reloading doesn’t work, and you have to manual reload the page every time you make a change.

It’s actually quicker for me to manually build the React App and serve that up, than it is for me to use dev mode, but its quite laborious.

Obviously this is extremely slow to develop this way. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this and come up with a solution?