Custom Panel (& Lovelace Dashboard) Ordering?

Apologies if my searches failed to find an existing such request/feature.

With the release of multiple lovelace dashboards in 0.107, I’m finding the side panels to be more useful than ever, but I have yet to find a way to re-order them. AFAICT, there are 3 groups: (1) lovelace (2) default integrations (3) custom panels. These groups are each sorted alphabetically and then joined into one list. I believe they derive from the same base object type, and therefore could easily inherit a “order” property (integer) and be sorted as one list rather than multiple sub-lists. Given equal order between two panels, it could fall back on alphabetic sorting.

If this generally makes sense, I’d be happy to take a crack at implementing it. I haven’t really looked too deeply at the contribution possibilities, but I’d be eager to do so.