Custom Repository says remote_homeassistant exists in the store - but it doesn't show up

Remote_homeassistant does not show up in Explore and Download Repositories. When I enter the fully URL in Custom Repositories, the response is Repository ‘custom-components/remote_homeassistant’ exists in the store. But it doesn’t. I’ve cleared cache - in two separate browsers, restarted HA consistently, rebooted the server, but this repository never shows up. And there are other repositories that also don’t show up. Any suggestions?

I was able to find Remote Home-Assistant by:

  • Completely removing HACS (per these instructions).

  • Including the removal of all files under .storage/hacs* and custom_components/hacs/hacs.frontend

Then I did a fresh install per these instructions.

On thing that could be the problem is that, per the install instructions, I was provided a number to access the HACS account on Github. At that point it seemed as if I was then able to get the latest files - and it worked.

It could be that some of the latest HACS integrations are NOT available for users that registered several years ago as I did. Solution for me: remove and reinstall HACS.