Custom RGB light intergration

I have made my own RGB wifi enabled light using a ESP2866 and I was wondering if there is a way to configure a light using HTTP rather than MQTT or the like?

Currently I have it set up so it receives GET parameters to determine the colors and brightness e.g. “http://light.whatever/?r=255&g=255&b=255

I don’t believe there is a component for what I am looking for but I thought I would ask first, if there isn’t one I will try my hand at making a new one.

Already tried RESTful commands with variables for your rgb?

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cool, how?

I can make it work with REST and I could make it just into a switch for off and on but I don’t know how I would mix the RGB and make it to appear like a normal RGB light switch

Its pretty simple I have a node mcu chip like this one:

And used a 12 LED WS2812B like this:

Then the webserver is just written in the arduino IDE and flashed over

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are you using a casing?

Without a colorpicker you could use three input-sliders for r,g,b and maybe one for brightness:

take a look at the examples…

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I used some semi transparent PVC pipe just cut in half :smile: :


Thanks Vehsen I will give it a look :slight_smile:

Since you use a NodeMCU, you’d be much better off using mqtt:

It’s already integrated as an RGB light and if you haven’t setup an mqtt broker yet, home-assistant comes with an embedded one that I use without problem for my mqtt enabled light :slight_smile:

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Cheers Tou, I will check that out and see about flashing it to the chip :slight_smile:

I had a look at the repo you linked, I forked it and have made a new implementation that is compatible with all NeoPixels and other addressable led strips. The board is a nodemcu. Here is the repo, not sure if there is anywhere else I can add this to help people out :slight_smile:

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Very nice, thanks for sharing your adaptation :thumbsup:

Maybe you could also extend the documentation from mqtt_json to point to your repository (or few people will be able to find it/be aware it exist).

Thanks for the advice :thumbsup: I have made an alteration to the documentation now and made a pull request against the current branch :smile:

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Already merged and available: MQTT JSON Light

I love how fast everything is merged / published in HASS project :heart_eyes:

I was surprised at how quick it was! Again, thanks for the help Touliloup :slight_smile:

want to test SK6812-RGB led strip, but here have some data I can’t know how to use, maybe her e have someone can help me.

Hey Billy,

On the repo I have created I use the FastLED library found here: FastLED,

There are a couple of open issues on the FastLED repo, it looks like you can use the SK6812-RGB strip as its a clone of the WS2812 so you can just use WS2812 in the config rather than SK6812. Check out this issue on github for reference :+1::+1:

Something I forgot to mention though, it will not work with the RGBW sets of SK6812 they only work with the RGB versions for now