Custom Search Links for Frequent Searchers

There are many of us that spend a lot of time in the forum searching for documentation and examples, usually to help others.
I noticed a tiny X today that I think will make my life easier and possibly yours as well.

You see if you have custom search term like the ones mentioned here:
Tips on Searching for Answers & Duplicate Topics in the Forum.
You find yourself typing the same thing into the search toolbar over and over.

The Custom Button

There is a little ‘+’ sigh in the bottom right corner on the left menu in the browser screen that says ‘Add Custom Section’ when you float over it.

Screenshot at 2024-04-06 01-21-46

In this custom section, you can put any URL you want, including the beginnings of search URL’s for your favorite search engine. I usually use Google, so adding a section called Search, with these URL’s gets me the 3 most common search string leads. From there I add the specific word(s) I’m searching for. Then don’t have to type the whole thing…

The Side Bar Screen

Screenshot at 2024-04-06 01-31-13

The Edit Screen

Screenshot at 2024-04-06 01-33-12

The Search strings I use:

If you have other useful search strings, feel free to add them here.

The Home Assistant Cookbook - Index.


The first two are my most often used links. No idea why the forum update made them hidden under the one Topic link. Most of the rest are in the cookbook now.

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 18-12-12 Custom Search Links for Frequent Searchers - Community Guides - Home Assistant Community

all you need are:



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