Custom (Secure) House Alarm?

I have been looking at some of the Ring / Yale alarm systems but I already have a lot door / motion sensors and I don’t really want to double up on sensors and don’t really fancy forking out that much…

Is there any decent hardware out there that I can plug in to my infrastructure or possibly use their sensors in HA to trigger automations? (I currently have Zigbee motion / door sensors I am not against replacing these if I can use the new ones as standalone sensors too)

Looking for a system that has a physical input panel and an external siren, can’t be simply unplugged (some sirens I have looked at seem like you can simply pull the power from them…) and not cloud based.

Does such hardware exist?

I’m fairly sure that Ring components being z-wave based. So maybe just grab the alarm panel (and its outdoor siren) from Ring, and then start from the keypad?

There are zigbee alarm keypads also. Example 1 & example 2.

Pretty sure you can build/automate your own system however you want.

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Have a look at this: Konnected

Let’s you add input/outputs to/from a legacy alarm from/to HA.