Custom sensor for existing integration

Hello all,
i’ve been using for years OUTSIDE HOME ASSISTANT custom code to read values from my ELV MAX! CUBE. Values are published on a MQTT broker and i use them for… something…
Sadly i recently fell in the black hole of Home Assistant :slight_smile: and i see there is a specific integration for the Cube ( eQ-3 MAX! - Home Assistant ). Is there any way to use my MQTT data with the existing extention? i’d like to keep my code running because both i keep the data read and it has been working for years, where the HA integration requires exclusive access to the cube.
The second choice would be manually create all the sensors in my configuration.yaml file, but this would also mean to understand all the needed sensor cathegories :slight_smile:

sorry, i’m not sure i got this.
Do you mean i can’t integrate my mqtt values in the MAX extension and i have to create my own sensors?
I already did this for energy management, this was just to avoid looking at the extension code to understand the type of sensors used (for example) for valve opening value and so on…