Custom Sensor Using Varialbes Only

I have 2 wifi light bulbs that cannot be connected to by HomeAssistant (C by GE). I don’t have a Phillips Hue or anything that will control them, and I don’t really want anything like that. But I have an idea that could work, I just can’t figure out how to do it.

I have Google Assistant incorporated into HA so that I can programmatically tell Google to “turn on the garage door lights” or “turn off the garage door lights”. It would be nice to show an “OFF” status kept in a variable that I could utilize for a card or picture card and when tapping on it, it would know to turn it ON and set the variable to ON. I realize I’d have to have an initial value and may have to catch up the variable to the actual state of it (ie. lights are on, initial variable is OFF, i’d tap it to send “turn lights on” which would do nothing to the lights but set variable ON).

I’m probably missing something obvious, but all of the documentation and posts I’ve seen tend to point to an entity that exists. Is there a “variable” entity that doesn’t actually look at an entity but stores a value locally?

Sounds like you’re after an input_boolean. There are others there too.

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OH… oh this opens up a new world using these. I didn’t know that these were persistent throughout the session. Oh thanks.

light.my_brain = on

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So have you been able to actually see the attributes of the C by GE devices through wifi?