Custom Skill Value From HTTP Response

I was trying to understand if my https server needs to be publicly accessible? Where it shows your HOST does this need to be server accessible on the internet or can it be local?

What I want is to say “Alex Ask Controller What is Display Temp” I want that to call http://LocalServer/DTEMP/ and then read aloud the JSON response. I have been reading and it seems like there is no option to do this with anything that is not publicly accessible.

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Section on ReadME

Click the yellow “Add a new skill” button in the top right
Skill Type: Custom Interaction Model (default)
Name: Home Assistant
Invocation name: home assistant (or be creative, up to you)
Version: 1.0

Yes, unfortuanetly your Hass installation needs to be accessible on port 443 from the internet (although I feel like I have read something about using some sort of proxy?)

I would suggest creating a firewall or ip tables rule to forbid access from hosts that aren’t Amazon.


Just wondering if you have any information proxy? as my ISP doesnt allow Hass to be accessed on port 443.

Hmm, in that case you’ll need a server somewhere (AWS, Digital Ocean, someone else’s house) that will accept requests on port 443 and proxy them back to Home Assistant.

PM me and I might be able to help you out…