Custom Sort for Each Category

The category features are great and allow an easier way for me to group my automations. Now I need to figure the right grouping based on type, room, activity, etc…

But here is my request: Allow a custom sort option (including a sticky/manual sort) for each category.

The use case would be this: I have 6 time of day automations that run; Early Morning, Morning, Day Time, Early Evening, Evening & Night Time. Because the Alphabet doesn’t work for these, it doesn’t help me visualize the chaining from one to the other. If I sort by last run, then it sorts the whole list. If I could have a custom sort for each category (in this case they are Time of Day Automations), then it would give me more granular control and visualization of the automations.

Thanks in advance and I hope I am not crazy or too neurotic.

Make sure you vote for your own FR. :slight_smile:

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Or don’t if you don’t really think it should be implemented.


Got it! Thanks! My name is Steve and I’m the FR Author and I approve this message. Home Assistant for President 2024!


clicking the vote button is all that’s really needed.
But the humor is much appreciated.