"Custom" type device tracker

Since Bouncie has now opened up an API I would like to be able to bring that data into Home Assistant as a device. While I know some Python I haven’t the foggiest how to even start writing an integration. In the meantime is there some way I can create a sort of custom device and update it either natively or with Node-RED? I am able to query the API endpoint and get data so that piece is already done, just not sure how to get it into HA. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

No telling when this might disappear some day, but you could use the device_tracker.see service to create/update a custom device_tracker entity. E.g., I used it before I created my custom composite tracker integration.

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Thanks, I think that will work! Maybe by the time it does disappear someone much smarter than me will have an official Bouncie integration. :grin:

Hey are you still using node red for Bouncie?